Synthetic Urine: A Detailed Guide

Are you stranded, wondering how to pass a urine drug test? Let’s talk about that!

The last thing you want to experience is being jobless! This is why people go all the mile to find ways to jump the hurdles placed during the recruiting phase. According to SAMHSA, drug testing is mandatory during the recruiting phase as it assures safety for employees and the public.

This may arouse questions and doubts, which we have set out to comprehensively answer. We will equip you with the necessary information to take out the best fake pee for drug tests with confidence.

Besides, we will guide you in case you’re asking “What stores sell synthetic urine near me?” Scroll down!

Banner Testclear Urine Simulation Kit with Powdered Human Urine and Heater

Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable

What is Synthetic Urine? Ingredients

Synthetic urine is a chemical substance that’s made to replicate human urine. Composed of yellow coloring matter, creatinine, and uric acid among other chemicals, this substance is so hard to distinguish from real urine that it passes strict lab tests. This is why people with marijuana traces in their system rave about it. They simply buy the kit, mix the chemicals, and then show up in the testing center with the fake urine sample.

How to Prepare for a Test Using Synthetic Urine

One thing you’re going to realize is different fake pee test kits come with unique user directions. Hence, you want to pay attention to how to mix up the chemicals like one who has never used synthetic urine before.

If you’re asking, “Can labs detect synthetic urine in 2023?” we’ll give you a straight-up “yes!” However, you will be a smidge lucky to pass the test if you’re going to employ a high-quality sample from some of the best manufacturers.

How to Use Synthetic Urine Properly

The secret of how to beat a urine drug test with fake pee is simply practicing at home to gain courage and experience. Going through a stringent drug test with fake urine can make you more nervous than you had intended, especially if you’re not sure of how to do things well. The first question could be what matters most in a urine drug test, right? But we’re going to tell you that every single aspect counts, from the smell to color, chemical composition, concentration, and temperature of the urine.

How to Hide the Fake Urine? Directions

Here’s how to escape being caught through a thin line:

  • Tape the sample to your body

Attach the sample to your torso using normal tape, which will hide it while keeping it warm. Alternatively, use a rubber band to hold the hose below your penis or above the vulva. This is among the safest ways if you’re wondering how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine. Be sure to get the urine prepared and perfectly blended up front. Also, practice walking with the hose around to see if you will maintain a normal posture without any discomfort.

  • Strap it to your thigh

Get a strap that can perfectly hold your urine sample in place. This will keep the sample at the perfect temperature while giving you a safe way to avoid getting caught.

  • Stash the sample in your undergarments

For the sake of maintaining the temperature, ensure that the sample is in direct contact with your groins. Use tape to keep it from falling.

  • How to Use a Synthetic Urine Kit

You want to work on your speed so as to retain the urine’s temperature. Besides, work with the manufacturer’s instructions and be the fastest when transferring the urine sample to the sample cup.

  • How Not to Get Caught Using Synthetic Urine

If you have doubts or ask yourself different questions, like can a lab tell if it’s synthetic urine? The answer is very simple- it depends on the quality of synthetic urine. Low-quality urine will always be detected. Hence, always settle for high-quality products that will pass the radar successfully. To determine which manufacturers are high-quality, stick to this guide for product reviews down below.

Synthetic Urine

List of the Best Synthetic Urines

1. TestClear Powdered Human Urine Kit

While the laws about the use of marijuana are still unclear in most states, TestClear Powdered Synthetic Kit comes in handy to help you pass urinalysis without problems with the law. There is also a stigma associated with the consumption of weed, which you won’t have to experience. With close to 3 decades of experience, TestClear has been curating fake human urine for different uses and has successfully been able to replicate real urine. Getting a pass is easy with this kit even when you go through stringent lab tests.

The kit comes with a pair of hand warmers, a medical vial, a thermal strip, and a powdered urine sample.

User instructions:

  1. Put the pee powder into the medical vial
  2. Fill the vial with distilled water before closing it and shaking it repeatedly. Stop shaking only after the powder is completely dissolved
  3. Heat the solution using one of the air-activated heaters and use the temperature strip to get the mixture to the right warmth
  4. Wait for about 45 minutes and check the temperature again. The solution should be between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit warm before you submit the sample


  • TestClear fake urine kit for drug tests has a high success rate
  • This fake urine is highly durable and can retain its efficacy even after a year of refrigeration
  • Its user instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow


  • It has a real human urine smell which can be hard to hide
  • One may find it challenging to add the perfect amount of water
Banner Testclear Urine Simulation Kit with Powdered Human Urine and Heater

Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable

2. The Urinator

There’s a whole true hype about the Urinator synthetic urine. Everyone loves it when they can just mix things up, use efficient tools for testing, and head over to the lab with confidence. This is what the Urinator offers, a company that has been operating since 1998. If you don’t have time to detox the Urinator will help you to get to work in the most authentic way.

The kit is designed to keep the fake urine at the perfect temperature, which is one of the crucial aspects to look at. It also serves convenience for being a digital self-regulating device and providing digital temperature control. Unlike other brands, you will not have to worry about the pee’s temperature after mixing the chemicals.

If looking for stores that sell synthetic urine near me, you want to source the Urinator. The kit comes with:

  • Powdered urine sample
  • Urinator device
  • 2 temperature strips
  • Clean calibrated syringe
  • Silicon heater
  • Thermal insulating blanket
  • Instruction manual

User instructions:

  1. Use the calibrated syringe to measure 75 to 85ml of distilled water
  2. Dilute the fake pee powder with the distilled water you measured in the previous step
  3. As the device is battery-powered, connect two 9-volt batteries before placing the sample solution in the Urinator
  4. You’re free to leave the sample in the device for as long as 4 hours and still have it at the perfect temperature
  5. Practice this process beforehand so that you can finesse it on the day of testing


  • The Urinator is an automatic and self-regulatory
  • The fake pee powder can stay refrigerated for about 12 months, fresh and efficacious
  • The Urinator is durable and can be used for multiple drug tests without fail


  • The test kit is currently priced at $169.95 which is quite expensive
  • The kit doesn’t come with the required batteries, hence might fail when one can’t urgently find such batteries

3. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a product of Spectrum Labs that’s more on the price-friendly side than other manufacturers. Another plus for Quick Fix is the urine sample comes pre-mixed, hence, bashing the struggles of adding more water than required. True to its name, you can buy this fake urine on your way to the lab as long as you have a way to warm it to the required temperature. Besides you can quickly test the pee sample before buying it.

If you’re wondering how to beat a urine drug test with fake pee in a minimal way, Quick Fix is it. The kit comes with a premixed fake urine sample, a temperature strip, and a heating pad. Here comes another question- how long does synthetic urine last once heated? The heating pads help maintain the correct temperature for a few hours. It’s important to follow the instructions to ensure it’s heated and used within the recommended time frame for accurate results. This fake urine is not easily detectable during a urine analysis, which makes it popular among users.

So does fake pee work? Yes, it definitely does. Let’s look closer at the instructions, pros, and cons of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.


  1. Microwave the premixed fake urine solution for about 10 seconds to make it warm. Use a temperature strip to check the temperature.
  2. If it’s still below the required temperature, take it back to the microwave for about 5 seconds
  3. Use the heating pad to retain the solution’s warmth and hide it in your groins once you get to the testing center
  4. As you go to the washroom to get the sample, check its temperature to ensure it’s warm enough


  • Currently priced at $29.95, Quick Fix fake urine is one of the price-friendliest, yet high-quality synthetic urines
  • The brand serves ultimate convenience when time is a factor by offering a premixed urine solution
  • One can make a quick test when buying the urine solution to ascertain the results
  • The brand allows for refund purchases whenever clients are not fully satisfied with the product


  • The solution needs a good heating device such as a microwave oven so that it’s not overheated
  • The solution can only last for a few days when stored in the refrigerator, unlike when using unmixed powdered urine samples

4. Clear Choice Sub Solution

Clear Choice has for almost 30 years produced different types of synthetic urine including other related products and devices. The brand has designed Clear Choice to be the exact replica of human urine. Unlike Quick Fix, Clear Choice synthetic urine comes as a powdered urine sample along with a concise user manual.

The field test kit includes everything you will need at every step of preparing the urine sample.

The fake pee test kit comes with:

  • A sample of Clear Choice fake urine
  • A heat activator powder
  • A temperature strip
  • A mixing container
  • A comprehensive user guide

Coming with additional costs are a practice kit, stash leg belt, and a few drug tests. Instructions:

  1. Put the powdered urine sample into the mixing container before filling it with distilled water
  2. Add the heat activator powder to the mixing container, tightly cover the container, and shake it repeatedly
  3. When fully dissolved, the heat activator powder will heat the solution for around 20 seconds
  4. Use the temperature strip to ensure that the urine solution is as warm as required
  5. If the solution is below the required temperature of 94F, add the heat activator powder and repeat the whole process.


  • Clear Choice is a high-quality solution with a high success rate
  • The heat activator comes in handy when you don’t have a microwave oven


  • You need to get the right amount of dissolving water
  • The price is on the higher side of the scale

5. Clear Choice Incognito Belt

Clear Choice is among the best fake pee for drug tests. While there’s so much to worry about when undergoing a supervised drug test, the Clear Choice Incognito Belt comes to single-handedly save the day. The manufacturer has been winning the hearts of many for about 15 years and counting.

In some instances, you may be required to get a second urine sample after the first one fails. Good enough, the Clear Choice kit comes with a urine sample that’s enough for two tests. Besides, to keep it inconspicuous, you have an adjustable velcro belt, as well as a temperature strip, two heat pads, and a user manual.


  1. Use a heating pad to heat the premixed fake urine as you keep the temperature in check
  2. Strap the adjustable incognito belt to your midsection
  3. If the temperature is within the required range, open the clips of the bags and collect the right amount


  • This is the most preferred option for passing a supervised urine drug test
  • The urine sample comes premixed and hence is at the perfect concentration
  • The urine sample amount is enough for two drug tests


  • The heat pads require about an hour to heat the urine sample to the required temperature
  • The price of synthetic urine for drug tests is way higher than what we expected

How is Quick Fix 6.5 Synthetic Urine Different?

Unlike powdered synthetic urine, Quick Fix 6.5 Synthetic urine comes premixed. This sets it high above the game because the urine solution will have the perfect water composition, and perfectly replicate human urine. Because of this aspect, the process of preparing it is somewhat easy, just heating it to the required temperature and ensuring that it doesn’t touch any contamination or lose heat on your way to the testing center.

This synthetic urine is only effective for less stringent urine analysis that may not require direct supervision. Otherwise, it may not be convenient when you are required to pee under direct supervision.

Banner Testclear Urine Simulation Kit with Powdered Human Urine and Heater

Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable

The Synthetic Urine FAQ

  • Does synthetic urine work?

Yes! Synthetic urine has components that replicate real human urine and have a high success rate. Hence if you’re wondering how to pass a urine drug test without using your own pee, this is it.

  • Can synthetic urine be detected?

Yes! Low-quality synthetic urine can be easily detected by high-end lab tests. However, high-quality fake urine is not easily detectable.

  • How to keep urine warm?

Use the heating devices that the fake urine kit comes with such as heat pads, heat activator powders, and hand warmers, or attach them to your body. Temperature is one of the fundamentals of how to pass a drug test with synthetic urine.

  • How to make synthetic urine (DIY)? Is it possible?

Well, it’s possible to make synthetic urine at home. However, since this is a trial-error event, don’t use it for a drug test.

  • Does Walmart or Walgreens sell synthetic urine?

Yes! Visit your local Walmart or Walgreens store to get one or buy online through Amazon.

  • Is there any female synthetic urine kit? Is there unisex synthetic urine available?

Yes! Most brands make unisex synthetic urine. Besides, some brands like the Urinator, TestClear, and Quick Fix manufacture unisex fake urine while the Clear Choice incognito belt is specifically meant for men. Some brands also produce synthetic urine for females in particular. And there is also a Whizzinator kit, special for men.

  • Do synthetic urine belts work?

Yes! Synthetic urine belts are mostly used to safely hide fake urine and attach the sample to your body to retain the temperature

  • Does synthetic urine work for LabCorp urine tests?

While LabCorp urine tests are stringent and can detect fake urine, high-quality synthetic urine will always pass the tests.

  • Can a lab test for fake urine?

Labs usually do not test if urine is fake or real. However, some labs use advanced techniques like checking for unusual pH levels, creatinine levels, or the presence of certain chemicals that indicate tampering.

  • What shops sell synthetic urine near me?

While the best option is to source online, you can get it from smoke shops around you.

How many states currently have laws banning the use or sale of such synthetic products?

Among the many states that moved to ban the use of synthetic urine during drug tests are Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, Utah, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.

Some of these states have applied exacting rules regarding the sale and distribution of synthetic urine while others haven’t yet spelled out the rules because of the legalization of cannabis consumption. States like Arkansas and New Hampshire have placed a serious ban on the manufacture, sale, distribution, and advertisement of synthetic urine.