The Whizzinator Review

Are you worried about passing a supervised urine drug test at your workplace? Many people, especially those who may have used illicit substances recently, worry about passing a urine drug test. Failure to pass a drug test can have serious consequences, including job loss. The anxiety surrounding urine tests is not unfounded, as urine drug tests are the most common method of drug testing and are frequently used by employers to ensure a drug-free work environment.

However, there is an easy solution to this problem – the Whizzinator. The Whizzinator is a reliable and trusted product that has been designed to help men pass urine drug tests with ease. So how do people use the Whizzinator to pass a drug test? Let’s find out here in this Whizzinator review 2023.

This article focuses on what The Whizzinator is all about. Moreover, you will also learn about its mechanism, advantages, and disadvantages. We will also contrast the Whizzinator with competing products of a similar nature. As a result, it will give readers a thorough understanding of their choices. We will also discuss other important topics like its use cases, certifications, and manufacturer. This article will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed choice, whether you are preparing for a urine drug test or are just interested in what it was initially intended for. You will also know where you can purchase it so that you don’t have to type “Whizzinator in stores near me” on Google. It is also suitable for people looking for the Whizzinator reviews for probation drug screening.


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What is the Whizzinator?

The Whizzinator touch reviews are incomplete without telling about the main product, the Whizzinator. It is a tool that helps users pass drug testing with the help of synthetic urine. It is a kit that contains many items that you can use to cover up the presence of THC or weed in your system. The main item in the kit is the device itself, it holds the fake pee that you will use for tests.

The device mimics the appearance and feel of a real penis. Hence, it is suitable for supervised drug screenings. It also includes a small vial and a sample of Golden Shower synthetic urine. The vial stores the synthetic urine which you can purchase again from the manufacturer.

When administering a drug test, the user can utilize the kit to dispense the urine into a sample cup. How to keep pee warm for a drug test? This question must be lingering in your mind now. Don’t worry, Whizzinator comes with 4 heating pads that maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine.

The main components of the synthetic urine in the Whizzinator are Uric Acid and Creatinine. Also, the manufacturer took care of the physiological pH and specific gravity of the urine, so that it is impossible to detect that it is not human-produced.

The Whizzinator functions by enabling the user to replace their own urine with synthetic urine during a drug test. The appearance of main device is like a real penis. As a result,  it is the best tool to take a supervised fake urine drug test. It also includes a small bag that can be used to store synthetic urine. To utilize the device to dispense the synthetic urine into the sample cup during the drug test, the user only needs to fill the bag with it.

Although using the Whizzinator is rather simple, users should be aware of some key usage guidelines. For instance, you should use the tool carefully and don’t act too suspiciously as you can get caught. Though it is illegal, it is an amazing solution to pass a urine drug test for employment. Also, users must be careful to adhere to the product’s instructions because failure to do so may cause the equipment to malfunction.

A quick guide on how to use Whizzinator:

  • Take the synthetic urine powder and mix it with water. Make sure that you use clean water. Keep in mind that, you need to start mixing two hours prior to the test.
  • Take out the bag and inject 3 to 5 oz of synthetic urine using the syringe. After that, use the strap to enclose the opening.
  • Now attach the heating pad to the bag and the temperature strap to the other side of the bag.
  • Now wear the strap on your waist and adjust it according to your comfort.
  • When you need to put the synthetic pee in the test tube, squeeze the bottom of the prosthetic. Do this gently and the fake urine will sup out.

The Whizzinator Review

The Whizzinator & Urine drug test

One of the most popular ways to find out if someone has illegal substances in their system is through urine drug testing. This kind of drug test is typically given to individuals who are applying for jobs, athletes, and those who are on probation, among others. The findings of urine drug tests can be used to identify whether a person has recently taken drugs. These tests can be carried out in a monitored or unmonitored environment.

An individual submits a urine sample while typically being watched by an examiner in a monitored urine drug test. To make sure the pee hasn’t been tampered with, the examiner may additionally check the temperature of the sample. On the other hand, a person must produce a urine sample for an unmonitored urine drug test without supervision.

During pre-employment, employees undergo a series of drug screenings that can intimate some employees. A court will frequently request 5-panel drug testing as part of a person’s probationary requirements. In this case, the court may order a person on probation to submit to routine drug testing to ensure that they are not abusing drugs.

Whizzinator has become popular for different reasons and people came to know about this product for passing drug tests. As a result, we can now say that Whizzinator is a fake penis to pass a drug test. For instance, you can use synthetic pee to make it come out of the Whizzinator. If someone has recently used drugs, the Whizzinator can be used to produce a urine sample during a drug test, helping them pass the test.

Those who don’t have enough time to detox from THC before a drug test may find the Whizzinator to be useful. The active component in marijuana is THC, which takes the body a few weeks to get rid of entirely. This implies that habitual marijuana users may test positive for THC even if they haven’t recently used it.

The Whizzinator is not error-proof, and a number of things can compromise its efficacy. An examiner can believe that the urine sample has been tampered with if they notice, for instance, that it is not warm enough or smells strange. Also, some drug testing institutions can demand that you submit urine drug tests while an official is watching. Of course, this is the most uncomfortable and hardest part. This is why Whizzinator has an excellent prosthetic that the examiner cannot notice. However, it will still make the test challenging. Moreover, you should also worry about the urine’s temperature and smell.

To find out if someone has illegal narcotics in their system, urine drug tests are frequently employed. They can be given in a monitored or unmonitored environment, and they are frequently included in probationary requirements. If someone has recently used drugs, the Whizzinator is a prosthetic device that can be used to deliver a synthetic urine sample during a drug test. This can assist people to pass the test. The Whizzinator is not infallible, though, and people should be informed of the hazards involved in utilizing it to pass a drug test.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

The user is reassured by a synthetic urine kit certificate that the product they are buying has been tested and adheres to strict quality and safety guidelines. Independent organizations that assess the product and ensure that it is free of impurities and satisfies the manufacturer’s promised requirements issue certifications.

The user has no way of knowing whether the synthetic urine kit they are buying is safe to use or will produce reliable results without a certification. Employing a product that has not undergone adequate testing or certification could result in health concerns or false positives on drug tests, both of which could have severe repercussions.

Knowing facts about the producer, their support, and product certifications is crucial when thinking about buying the Whizzinator. A firm called Alternative Living Systems, which was established in 2005, manufactures the Whizzinator. Their website provides contact details as well as their address, which is located in San Diego, California, USA. They provide numerous methods of customer service, including phone, mail, and chat. Their customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

The Whizzinator is not officially certified in terms of product certifications. Yet, Alternative Lifestyle Systems claims on its website that its products go through rigorous testing to assure their efficacy and safety and are created using high-quality components.

Alternative Lifestyle Systems is the creator of the Whizzinator, and you may get in touch with them through their website. They work throughout certain hours and provide customer service through a variety of media. The manufacturer says that the Whizzinator has undergone comprehensive testing to guarantee the quality and safety of its products. However,  the manufacturer of this sex toy/synthetic urine kit lacks any formal product certifications.

It’s critical to examine the risks and repercussions before deciding whether to trust the Whizzinator or any comparable product. Cheating on a drug test is against the law and can have serious legal and professional repercussions. It is always better to face drug testing honestly and openly, and if required, to think about alternate strategies for detoxing from illicit substances.

Whizzinator VS. Urinator

Two products, the Whizzinator and Urinator, are made to deliver a fake urine sample during a drug test. Although the features and functioning of the two items are identical, there are some variances. The two products are contrasted as follows:

  • Manufacturers

TestClear manufactures the Urinator. Alternative Lifestyle Systems manufactures the Whizzinator. Both of the companies have been on the market for years and are trusted by customers.

  • Features

Both items can be used to deliver a synthetic urine sample during a drug test and are created to mimic the urination process. Each of them contains a heating element to guarantee that the urine sample is at the proper temperature and a valve system to regulate the flow of urine.

  • What’s in the Box?

A heating element, a syringe, and synthetic urine are included in the Whizzinator as well as in the Urinator kit. So if you are searching “fake urine with a heating pad near me” on your browser, these two products will show up. But unlike the Urinator, the Whizzinator kit includes a realistic prosthetic penis that comes in different colors of skin (so you can order the one perfect for your skin tone). In the case of the Urinator, there is a pouch connected to a tube and a heating pad. It is quite easy to conceal, and unlike Whizzinator, it can be used by women as well as men.

  • Quality

The items are created using premium components and put through a rigorous testing process to assure their efficacy and security.

  • Drawbacks

While the Urinator requires a separate container to carry the synthetic urine, the Whizzinator comes with a realistic prosthetic penis that may be worn covertly underneath clothing. Whereas the Urinator needs a separate heating element to be purchased, the Whizzinator comes with heating pads to keep urine warm for a drug test.

Due to its link to faking drug tests, The Whizzinator has drawn attention and controversy. It is prohibited to utilize it for this reason, and doing so could have dire repercussions. The Urinator has also drawn criticism for its steep price tag and the fact that it only includes one sample of synthetic urine.

  • Prices

The Whizzinator typically costs more than the Urinator in terms of price. For those who favor the ease and discretion of a prosthetic penis, the Whizzinator might provide a better bargain.

Whereas the Urinator normally costs between $170 and $200, the Whizzinator typically costs between $130 and $150.

Here’s a summary of the information in a table:

Product Manufacturer Features Items in Package Quality Drawbacks Price
Whizzinator Alternative Lifestyle Systems Simulates penis, heating element, valve system The prosthetic device, heating element, synthetic urine, syringe High-quality, safety-tested Association with cheating drug tests, illegal use $130-$150
Urinator TestClear Simulates urination process, heating element, valve system Pouch, heating element, synthetic urine High-quality, safety-tested High price, only one synthetic urine sample $170-$200

Pros and cons

The Whizzinator has gained popularity among people trying to evade drug testing, but there are advantages and disadvantages to taking it into account before making a purchase.


  • Effectiveness – The Whizzinator consistently produces synthetic urine samples that are able to pass drug tests.
  • Convenience – The Whizzinator is simple to use and comes with all of the components required to give a synthetic urine sample, including a heating element to guarantee the sample is at the proper temperature.
  • Discretion – Because The Whizzinator is made to resemble a real penis, it is hard for anyone to tell that a fake pee sample is being utilized.
  • Customization – Users can select the Whizzinator product that most closely fits their skin tone from a range of skin tones.


  • Illegal Use – Using the Whizzinator to evade drug testing is against the law and can have significant repercussions.
  • Is not designed for women – It is designed to be used by men, so it won’t help a woman to pass a supervised urine test.
  • Controversy –  The Whizzinator has come under fire and criticism as a result of its link to faking drug tests.
  • Price – The Whizzinator can be pricey, with usual costs falling between $100 and $150.


Here are those questions about the Whizzinator that people frequently ask.

Do opiates interact with the Whizzinator?

Yes, you can use the Whizzinator to get through an opiate drug test. It’s made to offer a synthetic urine sample that won’t test positive for a variety of illicit drugs, including opiates.

Can you find the Whizzinator?

Although the intention of Whizzinator is to be undetectable and resemble a real penis, there is always a chance that it will show up on a drug test. Certain testing facilities might be alert for phony urine samples and be able to pick up on Whizzinator usage.

What is the price of the Whizzinator?

Depending on the version and store, the Whizzinator’s pricing can change. The product typically costs between $100 and $150, while additional supplies or accessories may raise the final price.

Does Whizzinator really work?

While some claim that the Whizzinator works, it is not a foolproof method for passing drug tests. Needless to say that you have to be smart and careful when using such devices for drug tests. If the testing institute lacks quality control, then you can surely pass a drug test with a synthetic urine kit.

What are the stores that sell synthetic urine near me?

You can find synthetic urine almost anywhere if you are a US resident. As per a study about synthetic urine, they are commercially available for anyone. Hence, people use it to give fake positives in their drug tests. So searching for where to buy Whizzinator near me? Now you know where you can purchase it.

Customer reviews

Positive reviews

This user put his opinion on the official site of The Whizzinator. In his case, it worked for him and he thank ALS for it.

The Whizzinator Review 1

This user gave a supervised urine test with the Whizzinator and he didn’t get caught.

The Whizzinator Review 2

Negative Reviews

This person is giving his honest opinion on whether The Whizzinator is effective or not during a drug test.

The Whizzinator Review 3


In conclusion, the Whizzinator is a contentious device that aids users in faking a urine sample to pass drug tests. Although the substance may be useful for passing drug tests, there are major hazards, including legal and safety problems, that come with using it. In comparison to other detox devices on the market, The Whizzinator is also very pricey.

The Whizzinator provides a number of benefits over other comparable products, including its ease and discretion, such as detox drinks or capsules. The user must ultimately decide whether to believe in the Whizzinator or any other comparable product. You get all the important components of a synthetic urine kit in The Whizzinator. Whether you are doing a drug test or not, this product can certainly provide a real-life like urine.