Does PetSmart Drug Test

Drug testing appears to be a common requirement for jobs in most companies today, as most people ask, “does PetSmart drug test in 2022? In a world full of illicit drugs and substances, it only seems right for companies to incorporate drug testing policies into their employment requirements not only to ensure good physical health and mental competence of their employees but also to ensure optimal, safe, and efficient service delivery to clients.

PetSmart is a company specializing in the retail distribution of a wide variety of pet products, pet food, and nutrition items at affordable prices with over 1500 retail stores across 3 North American countries: the United States of America, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They also offer various important pet services, such as

  • The training of your dog or other pet in various skills or behaviors;
  • Grooming and cleaning services for your pet;
  • Pet boarding services; and
  • Adoption services for pets

PetSmart, like most other companies, has incorporated a drug policy that prohibits the use of alcohol and illicit drugs such as cannabis by employees. This drug policy also requires employees and prospective employees to pass PetSmart drug test to ascertain their mental competence and sane work environment.

How does PetSmart drug testing work?

Suppose you are planning to get a job at PetSmart; knowing how a PetSmart random drug test work is important. PetSmart drug tests are usually conducted to detect five kinds of illicit drugs, which include cannabis, opiates, amphetamines, tetrahydrocannabinol, and phencyclidine. This drug testing also involves the detection of high levels of alcohol. The urine will also be tested for the right urine temperature and the presence of artificial preservatives and other substances. That is why, if you smoked marijuana even once few weeks ago, it is better to use The Whizzinator or another powdered urine.


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PetSmart mostly employs the unsupervised method of urine drug testing in which the employee pees unsupervised into a container provided by the company. The urine is then tested at a third-party laboratory facility for illicit drugs and alcohol. The urine drug test is to be completed within 48 hours, and the results are usually available in the following week.

There are different reasons PetSmart drug tests their employees. These include:


Before 2018, all prospective employees were tested for illicit drugs per the United state drug policy. The drug test usually happens in the second phase of interviews as one of the screening tools to select worthy candidates. However, in 2018, PetSmart announced a change in its drug policy in which it wouldn’t be drug-testing prospective employees. This can be associated with the increased legality of cannabis in the United States. However, PetSmart can still drug test a prospective candidate under the suspicion that he might be under some illicit drugs. However, if you get employed, you can be asked to take an unsupervised drug test which must be completed within 48 hours.

Synthetic Urine to pass drug test

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While the company doesn’t currently drug test for internal promotions, PetSmart drug test policy in 2022 has zero tolerance for the use of illicit drugs. Therefore, PetSmart may randomly drug test employees to determine their mental alertness for a promotion within the company under reasonable suspicion.


In a case when an employee has an accident while carrying out daily business activities while handling animals or equipment (which involves injury to employees or animals in the company), the employee in question may be asked to undergo a PetSmart thc tests to ascertain mental alertness, to ensure safe work environment and optimal delivery of services to clients.

Does PetSmart drug test entry-level positions?

According to PetSmart’s drug test policy in 2022, the criteria for getting an entry-level job at PetSmart don’t involve drug tests unless the company suspects you might be under the influence of illicit drugs. The same principle applies to all job positions in the company, including the managerial position.

What happens if you fail to pass PetSmart drug test?

For a prospective employee that has been asked to take a PetSmart pre-employment drug screen by the company, failing the test will make you lose the job. The employment and interview process might end abruptly. This may even hamper your chance of being considered for a job at the company if you reapply during another recruitment process. That is why you have to stop taking drugs. Or, if you are just going to live your sober life, use Powdered Urine instead.

For already employed individuals, failing PetSmart thc tests attracts penalties that may involve a suspension or an outright sacking from the job. While PetSmart has revised its policy to reflect upon and not infringe upon the rights of employees, the company does take its drug testing exercise seriously. Failing the test may have dire consequences in which you may also not be considered for an internal promotion. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stay away from drugs while working at the company.

Types of PetSmart Warehouse Drug Test

There are different kinds or levels of PetSmart random drug test that employees or prospective employees may face while working or seeking a job at PetSmart. These include:

  • Pre-Employment Testing

While PetSmart’s pre-employment drug screen is not a usual job requirement, you may be asked to undergo a drug screening test as a job seeker at the company if the company suspects that you are under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. Even if you don’t take the drug test before getting hired, there is a high chance you may be asked to take the drug test almost immediately after getting the job to be sure you are mentally competent.

  • Random Testing

In an age with a high prevalence of illicit drug use, it’s a no-brainer that companies are highly concerned about drug use among their employees. It is no surprise that the company reserves the right to conduct a PetSmart random drug test to make sure their employees are high in mental alertness and are not dangerous to themselves or other employees.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Perhaps the most prominent basis for a PetSmart warehouse drug test is under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. If an employee exhibits behaviors that the company deems abnormal, he may be asked to undergo drug screening to be sure drugs do not cloud his mental state.

  • Post-Accident Testing

Following an accident, while handling animals or equipment, especially when other employees or animals are injured, the employee in question may be asked to take a drug test to ascertain if his behavior is associated with the intake of illicit drugs.

Questions and Answers about PetSmart drug test

How long does PetSmart take to hire after interview?

After the waves of interviews and other recruitment exercises, it usually takes about two weeks to get a final response from the human resources department at PetSmart.

They will contact you either through an email, a letter, or through the phone to inform you whether or not you’ve gotten the job. If you eventually get a job offer from PetSmart, you must accept within seven days.

If I fail to pass a PetSmart drug test, can I reapply for the job?

While failing a PetSmart warehouse drug test as a prospective employee can be a hindrance to getting the job, it shouldn’t, however, hinder you from getting the job if you reapply. The manager at PetSmart may likely be lenient, provided you don’t fail the test for a second time.

Are prescribed drugs being tested for during a PetSmart?

PetSmart drug test policy in 2022 involves testing for drugs or any illicit substances that can mentally hinder an employee from doing their job adequately. These substances may also include prescription medications used for certain health conditions.

Will you be watched when peeing in a cup for the drug test?

The answer is no. PetSmart mostly does unsupervised drug testing, where you will put the urine sample in the cup without the qualified personnel assigned to you in the room with you.

How to pass a PetSmart Drug Test?

The best and most proven way of passing a drug test in any company is to stay away from drugs. However, there are other ways to pass a PetSmart warehouse drug test if you have some drugs in your system. These include

  • The use of synthetic PetSmart drug test kits, which usually contain fake urine. These test kits also contain other necessary items needed to make the fake urine indistinguishable from a normal fresh human urine
  • The use of specific natural or artificial detox substances can help flush out these drugs from your body, especially in case of an unexpected at home drug test PetSmart may require.


PetSmart, a leading company in the delivery of pet products and services, like every other company, is invested in ensuring the mental and behavioral competence of its employees to maintain optimal animal care and service delivery.

Hence, why they have put in place a drug policy that prohibits the use of illicit substances and abnormal intake of alcohol, therefore, it is best to stay away from drugs as an employee or a prospective employee at PetSmart. You have to stop using drugs or try solutions, such as The Whizzinator.