Consumer Information

  1. We do not provide clinical care for patients as part of our program. For the management of individuals with psychiatric disorders, we suggest that you contact your physician. If you do not have a physician you can contact the

    Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, Sheppard Pratt Hospital or the departments of psychiatry at a Medical Center near your location. For questions related to possible exposure to toxoplasma or cats, we also suggest that you contact your medical care provider or a specialist in infectious diseases near your residence.

  2. We do not perform clinical trials as part of our program. Please contact one of he above named sites to find information on clinical trials which might be offered at their location.
  3. We have an approved study for measurement in healthy individuals to serve as controls in our study. Please contact Dr. Faith Dickerson for additional details.
  4. We will update advances in the areas of our research on this website. Please fee free to check back to this site to look for updates.
  5. You may find the following websites useful in terms of information:
  6. We do not take brain donations at this time. However, Harvard Brain Bank will accept brain donations. You can find additional information at