Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Review

Passing a urine test comes with a high level of uncertainty and should not be left to chance. With Clear Choice synthetic urine, higher levels of confidence and assurance can be attained while taking a urine drug test. The frequent use of drugs can make it impossible to pass a urine test, especially when it is required within an unexpectedly short period. Surveys in the US have shown that urine drug tests can be requested in cases of pre-employment, short-term absence from work, and safety-sensitive occupations such as transportation-related jobs. The need for Clear Choice fake urine arises because of the time sensitivity of such tests.

Synthetic urine is highly similar to human urine when assessed in a laboratory. Your choice of synthetic urine usage should, however, depend on different factors such as ease of use, how effective it is, and previous reviews. The next sections will explain these features and how Clear Choice differs from other synthetic products. We will also talk about how to use Clear Choice synthetic urine, giving you a detailed step-by-step guide on its use.

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Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
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Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Main Features

Just like other synthetic urine products, there are unique features specific to this product.

  • Clear Choice ingredients include urea, creatine, and uric acid, all of which are present in human urine.
  • It also contains chemicals that maintain the pH, specific gravity, and heat activation.
  • Unlike other products, this product lacks biocide, which is a preservative seen in other products and can easily be detected in a lab test.
  • It comes in powder form and requires mixing with water before it can be used.
  • Studies have shown that these properties make it an excellent choice for urinalysis.

Does Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Really Work?

This question is based on the processes before and during the urine drug test. The temperature of the urine is the most important factor, as it must be kept optimal all through the process. Also, Clear Choice synthetic urine instructions must be followed stepwise. Here is how to properly use it:

  1. A plastic bottle is needed to mix the solution. Add room-temperature water into the bottle, up to the neck of the bottle.
  2. Add the entire content of the synthetic sample to the water in the plastic bottle. Mix the powder and the water using the cap back of the bottle until the powder has completely dissolved. This can be done about 8 hours before the required urine test.
  3. Next, add the heat activator. If, after mixing the powder and water, you do not see a temperature indication on the temperature strip, it means the temperature is less than 88 °F. If this is the case, add ⅓ of the heat activator to the mixing container. If the temperature, however, indicates 88–92 degrees Fahrenheit, add just ¼ of the heat activator to the mixing container.
  4. Cap the bottle back and shake gently. Wait for 15-20 seconds to read the temperature strip.
  5. Ensure the temperature is within 94–100 °F, which will be evident with a green colour.
  6. Your synthetic urine is ready for use.

To ensure your urine test goes perfectly, pay attention to the following instructions:

  • You won’t need up to ½ portion of the heat activator; adding a lot more of this will increase the temperature beyond what is expected.
  • While taking the temperature reading, keep the strip away from your skin, as it can alter the temperature reading.
  • Do not take the temperature reading immediately after adding the heat activator; gently shake together and wait for 15-20 seconds before taking your reading.
  • Refrigerate the product after mixing if you don’t intend to use it immediately. This can still be used after 48 hours.

Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Reviews on the Internet

Here are some Clear Choice synthetic urine reviews:

Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Review

A user with a history of drug use passed a pre-employment urine drug test using this product.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review

Two time experience by user on the success of product used for a drug test

Clear Choice Sub Solution Review

A user read the reviews on the product and decided to try it out for an urgent pre-employment drug test. The result was successful.

Where to Buy Clear Choice Synthetic Urine?

Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine can be bought directly from the manufacturer on the official website for $90. This is preferable to ensure that the product is valid and not expired. A purchase from the manufacturer also guarantees a $30 discount if you purchase the practice kit and the sub-solution together. You also get free USPS shipping across the US if you order above $135.

Clear choice fake pee is illegal in some states in the US such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina, while some other states have moved to ban the sale and use of it. Clear Choice synthetic urine on Amazon can also be purchased on Amazon’s website. Walgreen and some big retailers do not sell the product, but some local retail smoke shops do.

Banner Testclear Urine Simulation Kit with Powdered Human Urine and Heater

Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable

Pros and Cons


  • It has an ideal heat source that raises the temperature in a few seconds.
  • There is a discount and free shipping if you purchase more than $135 from the manufacturer.
  • It has a long shelf life, as it can still be used at least 48 hours after mixing if refrigerated.
  • It has no preservatives, which makes it undetectable like some other products with biocide.
  • It has the same colour and odour as human urine, which makes it perfect for urinalysis.


  • It must be mixed with water before use.
  • It takes a longer time to prepare before use, unlike other products that come in liquid form.

What Additional Products Can Be Used With Clear Choice Synthetic Urine

Some additional products that can be used with Clear Choice fake pee include:

  • Heat Activator: This comes with the product and ensures you get an optimal temperature for your urine.
  • Practice kit: You can get an additional practice kit to enable you to get familiar with the preparation of the product before your actual urine drug test.
  • Synthetic belt: This can be used to carry in the product undetected just before the urine test commences.

The preparation of the Clear Choice synthetic urine can be quite complex. It’s safe to practice 3-5 times before the actual urine test to boost your confidence.

Clear Choice Synthetic Urine & U Pass

Here are some similarities and differences between Clear Choice synthetic urine and U Pass based on different factors:

Factors Clear Choice Synthetic Urine U Pass
Feature Clear Choice urine has the same colour and smell as human urine U Pass also has the same colour and smell as human urine
Ingredients It contains urea, creatinine, uric acid, and some natural ingredients to maintain specific gravity and pH It contains uric acid, urea, creatinine-enhanced chemicals and biocide preservatives
Form Powder form Liquid form
Temperature control The temperature can be kept within the ideal by using the heat activator. The temperature is often close to the ideal after mixing the powder and water, a minimal amount of heat activator is required to control the temperature. A hand warmer is used to maintain the temperature after heating with a microwave. This temperature can be maintained for up to 6 hours.
Effectiveness 5/5 3/5
Price 3oz bottle at $90 3oz bottle at $29.95
Ease of Use 3/5 4.5/5


Can Clear Choice Synthetic Urine Be Detected?

No. Clear Choice fake pee has the same composition as human urine, with no additional synthetic component that can be detected in a laboratory assessment.

Can I Put Clear Choice Synthetic Urine in a Refrigerator?

Yes, you can. After mixing the powder with water, you can refrigerate for up to 48 hours if not used immediately.

How Can I Check the Temperature for Clear Choice Synthetic Urine?

There is a temperature strip that comes with the product. An ideal temperature will show a green colour which is optimal for your drug test. Ensure you keep the strip away from your skin to avoid false temperature result

What Is the Right Temperature to Use Clear Choice Synthetic Urine?

The ideal temperature is 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure it is within this temperature before doing the drug test

Does Synthetic Urine Work in 2024?

Clear Choice synthetic urine will work in 2024. The most important factor is to know the product you are purchasing and follow the instructions given. Clear Choice urine has shown to have an excellent success rate even in 2023.

Banner Testclear Urine Simulation Kit with Powdered Human Urine and Heater

Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
  • It’s undetectable


Synthetic urine is effective when faced with an urgent drug test. The different synthetic urine products are based on a lot of factors, one of which is the ability to stay undetected while going through the laboratory phase of a drug test. Different reviews have testified to this about Clear Choice synthetic urine. The product has no synthetic composition or preservative as seen in some other products, which makes it undetectable.

Clear Choice synthetic urine also has a long shelf life, which makes it last longer compared to other products. It can also be refrigerated even after mixing the powder with water and still be valid for use 48 hours after the product is prepared. Temperature control is the most important thing with the Clear Choice of synthetic urine. It, however, has been made easy by using a heat activator to give the product an ideal temperature. A strip also helps to monitor the temperature of the product.