The Stanley Divison of Developmental Neurovirlogy of the Johns Hopkins University



The Stanley Division of

Developmental Neurovirlogy of the Johns Hopkins University



Robert H. Yolken is Director of

the Stanley Laboratory and Theodore & Vada Stanley Distinguished Professor

of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University.  He is the author of

more than 200 publications, mostly in the field of Virology.  You can

click here to view one of his

recent lectures.


E. Fuller Torrey,

Executive Director, Stanley Research Medical Institute.

Dr. Torrey is an internationally recognized expert on Schizophrenia and the

author of many books and articles, including





Raphael P.Viscidi, Associate Professor


Lorraine V. Brando,

Research Associate.  Dr. Brando is investigating the role of

antipsychotic agents and mood stabilizers in terms of their ability to

inhibit the replication of infectious agents.  She is also studying the

role of herpesviruses and parvoviruses in chronic human diseases.

Christine L.

Miller.  Dr. Miller is investigating the RNA for pathways in the

brain that may underlie several types of psychosis: the pyschosis arising

from infections, genetic predisposition to schizophrenia, porphyria and

nutritional deficiencies.  She is also interested in RNA secondary and

tertiary structure, and how that structure affects both RNA function and the

methods used to measure the RNA

Ann C. Cusic,

Administrative Manager

Postdoctoral Fellows

Alicia Rodriguez Pla 

Dr. Rodriguz is working on molecular detection methods for viral agents

causing giant cell arthiristis and otehr rheumatory diseases.


Sarven Sabunciyan. 

Dr. Sabunciyan is investigating the structure and function of endogenous

retroviral proteins using the E. coli and baculovirus expression systems. 

He is also comparing protein expression in post-mortem brains from

individuals with psychiatric diseases to controls.


Dr. Yolken’s Laboratory



Bogdana Krivogorsky,

Senior Laboratory Technician


Flora Leister, Research

Technician II


Ruby Mason, Laboratory

Technician II





Ruslanova, Research Technician

Shuojia Li Yang,

Research Technician

Dr. Viscidi’s Laboratory



Barbara Clayman,

Research Technician II/Lab Coordinator



James Charles Demma, Research Technician




Elizabeth Rubalcaba,

Research Technician II

Lin Xue,

Research Technician



SanSan  Yu, Senior

Laboratory Technician


Former Fellows

From Left to Right:

Frances Yee


Nancy Johnston-Wilson


Indra Dé


Yeping Sun


Hákan Karlsson


Dunja Hinze-Selch