The following stories have either aired on TV or have appeared in the papers

The following stories have either aired on TV or

have appeared in the papers.  At this point in time it is impossible for us to

answer every inquiry we have. Therefore, we are issuing the following statement

regarding our work.

The Stanley Research laboratory is interested in

collecting information concerning individuals who believe that they or a member

of their family developed schizophrenia or bipolar disorder as a result of an

infection.  Please send the relevant information to us using our “Write To US”

E-mail link.  The information will be kept on file until relevant clinical or

research studies are developed.

Reuters Health Information, Dec. 25, 2003

Treatment with

anti-cytomegalovirus agent may improve schizophrenia symptoms

The Washington Post, November 15, 2002

Genital Herpes May

Increase Schizophrenic Offspring Risk

Linguafranca, Dec 2000/Jan 2001

Do Cats Cause


Genomic News Network, June 9, 2000

Riches of the Brain Bank

Washington Post, November 9, 1999

A Viral Source for


USA Today – June 28, 1999

A Vial Connection to

Genetic Vulnerability

ABC News – June 7, 1999

Viruses On the Brain

NEWSDAY – June, 1999

A Delayed

Reaction?/Prenatal Exposure to Virus Could Lead to Schizophrenia.  Sidebar:

Unknown Virus is Trigger Suspect

Johns Hopkins Medical Institution-Science Daily Magazine – October 8, 1998

Developmental Neurovirology Specialty Unveiled At The Johns Hopkins Children’s