Bipolar Disord 2002


Bipolar Disord 2002;4 Suppl 1:77-80; in press



Subtraction Libraries for the Molecular Characterization of

Gene-Environmental Interactions in Bipolar Disorder

Yolken RH.


OBJECTIVES:  We endeavored to identify gene-environmental

interactions related to bipolar disorder.

METHODS:  We generated subtraction libraries from the frontal cortex

of brains obtained postmortem from individuals with bipolar disorder and age-

and sex-matched unaffected controls.

RESULTS: There are a number of RNA transcripts which are apparently

up-regulated or down-regulated in the frontal cortex of individuals with bipolar

disorder as compared with the controls.  Many of these transcripts are

involved in processes crucial to brain function.  Several are also related

to pathways involved in infections or the inflammatory response in environmental


CONCLUSIONS: Bipolar disorder may involve a complex set of interactions

between genes which affect brain function and infections which control the

expression of these genes.