The members of the Stanley

Laboratory would like to thank the many consumers and their families who have

contacted us concerning our research into infectious agents and

schizophrenia.  I would like to answer some questions which we have


Clinical Trials:  The

Stanley Foundation is conducting a number of clinical trials relating to the

treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  Many of the ongoing

studies can be found at the Stanley Foundation Web site:

In terms of specific studies related to infectious diseases, there are studies

being planned concerning the treatment of herpesviruses and Toxoplasmosis. 

The first trials will be performed at the Sheppard Pratt Health System of

Baltimore, Maryland and will be limited to individuals who test positive for

these organisms and who live in the Baltimore area.  For more information

on these trials, please send us an E-mail at the website address.

It is our goal to perform these

studies as quickly as possible so that the efficacy of the treatments can be

assessed.  Once this is completed, we will be performing studies in other

parts of the country and will be making treatment recommendations based on these

trials.  Until the trials are completed and analyzed, we cannot make

specific recommendations concerning anti-viral or antibiotic therapy in regards

to schizophrenia or other psychiatric disorders.

Infections and the Onset of

Symptoms:  We have received many letters, E-mails, Faxes and telephone

calls concerning cases in which an individual had the onset of psychiatric

symptoms following some sort of infection.  We are quite interested in

hearing of these cases so that we can learn more about the possible role of

infectious agents in psychiatric diseases.  Please let us know at the

website E-mail address if you have any information which you think will be of

interest to us in these studies.

At this point in time we do not have

enough scientific information to be able to make specific judgments or

recommendations concerning the relationship between an individual’s infection

and his or her psychiatric disorder.  We hope to get more information in

this area through our ongoing studies.  Please continue to check this

website for updates on these studies.