Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

1995 Stanley
Laboratory Staff
: Frances
Yee, Flora Leister, Indra Dé, Linda Bobo,Robert Yolken, Lorraine
Brando, Nancy Johnston, Shuojia Li, Clem Ojeh, Naderah Jafari,E.
Fuller Torrey and Yeping Sun

Yes, This
is Our Leader!!!

Our Lab Mascot

Indra Dé,
Nancy Johnston

1997 Fellow
Hakan Karlsson

Yeping Sun,
Frances Yee
Indra Dé, Linda Bobo

Ann Cusic

“Great One” at the Great Wall

Barbara and
Fuller Torrey

“fishing” for
the answers

Perhaps the
cats know the answers!

Dr. Torrey rowing to the
“end of the Earth”
for the answers.